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Pick Cloud + Google = Exciting News

Published over 4 years ago by Elkie Holland


Pick Cloud joins Google Cloud Compute Platform Technology Partner Program

Today, Pick Cloud Inc, the first MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, specializing in both public and private cloud solutions, announced they have joined the Google Cloud Compute Platform Technology Partner program.

“We recognize that almost every product or IT service will either reside in the cloud or be cloud attached. For that reason, we have chosen to use Google exclusively. We are combining the power of Google’s security and infrastructure with MultiValue databases and applications. The same data centers that power Google now power Pick Cloud and offer our customers the same security, stability and availability. These can come at a high cost. Not with Google, now more than ever, they make it cost effective for new clients to consider a cloud solution.

Our customers are in the same company with the likes of Coca Cola, Best Buy, Spotify, Motorola and many more" says Mark Pick, CEO and President of Pick Cloud, Inc. "We also chose Google because they take security very seriously.  Over five million organizations across the globe, including 64 percent of the Fortune 500, trust Google with their most valuable asset; their information.”

This program includes partners such as systems integrators, IT consultant firms, developers and other professional services companies that help their clients design, develop, and manage new cloud-based solutions.

For more information, please visit Pick Cloud, Inc.’s website.


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