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A Revelation Review - 2015 to 2016

Published over 5 years ago by Elkie Holland

As 2015 draws to a close, I thought I’d catch up with Mike Ruane from Revelation to find out about their views on 2015 and what we can look forward to in 2016.

ELKIE:  As 2015 draws to a close, would you say Revelation has had a successful year financially ?

MIKE: Revenues continue to grow at a steady pace as we add new licenses. We’re lucky in that we’ve had growth every year we’ve had the company.

ELKIE:   Does this mean successful year by increasing user base too ?

MIKE: Over the past several years we have had continued growth to our user base which has directly impacted our recurring revenue stream in a positive manner.

ELKIE:  Was it a successful year product wise ?

MIKE: Yes and no.  We were able to release the Universal Driver 5.0 for OpenInsight 9.4 users, however development on OpenInsight 10 has fallen behind schedule.

ELKIE:  Did Revelation achieve all the objectives it had at the beginning of the year ?

MIKE: It was our original intent to release OpenInsight 10 in Q4 of 2015 which we did not achieve. We had great progress, but as in any development project, we had a couple of modules where we said, Nope, that’s not working, let’s step back for a second and figure out something new.

ELKIE:  What would be the main achievements in 2015 ?

MIKE: Our Conference in Houston, the release of the Universal Driver 5.0 and some additional scope added to OpenInsight 10.

ELKIE:   Was there anything which perhaps didn’t quite go according to plan ?

MIKE: The development cycle for OpenInsight 10 grew exponentially. Between adding new features, accepting some user feedback and suggestions, and things outside our control, such as Windows 10, we didn’t deliver when we wanted to. 

ELKIE:  What can we look forward to in 2016 from Revelation ?

Our Conference in Orlando, FL in April 2016 and the release of OpenInsight 10.

My thanks to Mike Ruane from Revelation for his time, humour and honest replies.  

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