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MVU 2015 Quick RoundUp

Published almost 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

Rocket has just finished it's 2015 MultiValue University which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Here's a quick round up of events and happenings from MVU 2015.

What was the aim of MVU?

The aim of the week was to explore hot technology topics with education, discussion and networking as well as presentations. The MultiValue University agenda included 40 unique sessions and 10 hands-on labs focused on key topics such as security, mobile, high availability, programming languages, reporting, and business intelligence.  

Rocket also offered six different certification exams for MultiValue developers and administrators, and announced that it awarded several dozen certifications during the event, including the first D3 UNIX Administration certifications offered by Rocket.

Who attended MVU 2015?

The event was well attended with people from over 5 continents had included a good mix of developers, architects and IT staff work with business solutions powered by Rocket UniData, Rocket UniVerse, and Rocket D3. 

Special celebrations at MVU

MVU was rather special this year as it celebrated Rocket Software's 25th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary  of the PICK operating system (the roots of MultiValue databases).

Quotes of the Conference

P. Gary Gregory, SVP & GM, Database Servers and Tools at Rocket Software:  "With Rocket Software celebrating its 25th birthday, and MultiValue hitting the half-century mark this year, it’s very gratifying to see the continuing vitality of this important embeddable application platform technology. It’s been a great opportunity for us to meet with the people who use these tools every day so we can continue to work with them to develop the tools and applications that are shaping the future of MultiValue.”

Neil Tiver of Meier Business Systems said:  "Rocket Software's MultiValue University 2015, which included content for the recently acquired D3 business, was the most exciting conference to date. With the launch of its new Rocket Mobile platform, and sessions on their cutting-edge Discover Self-Service BI solution and integration of Python, Rocket has truly demonstrated its dedication and ability to deliver leading-edge software to our MV community. We look forward to Rocket carrying us forward into an exciting future.”

Rocket Mobile for MultiValue Released

The company also released Rocket Mobile for MultiValue (MV) during the event, an enterprise mobile development and deployment platform for customers who rely on MultiValue to power their business solution. Rocket Mobile for MV enables customers to leverage their existing U2 or D3 applications to create new mobile applications faster, more economically, and with less risk.

5 MV key areas for the future

Rocket believe that there are 5 key areas which will make MultiValue even more valuable in the next 12 months and they are:

  1. Security – Organizations need strategies to protect customer information and help meet compliance and industry regulations. Rocket MultiValue tools such as Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) and MultiValue server protocol (MVSP) will play an important role in the ability to meet this critical need.
  2. High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HADR) – Downtime is not an option, so organizations need to implement 24/7 requirements for system and data to help meet business continuity needs and compliance standards. Rocket has a long track record in HADR and is already offering this level of data protection to MultiValue customers and partners.
  3. Modern Languages – MultiValue has remained relevant for 50 years because of its adaptability. By adding Python to the mix, which is currently in beta for UniData and UniVerse, MultiValue developers will soon be able to offer modern functionality while still maintaining the integrity of their underlying native applications.
  4. Cloud/SaaS – As the world moves toward a decentralized data model, MultiValue needs to keep pace. Rocket MV is already making this a reality with SaaS capabilities such as account-based licensing and RESTful APIs.
  5. Mobile Enablement – New systems, and those systems designed before the idea of mobility was even conceived, now need a way to easily and rapidly take the business logic and data mobile. Rocket’s new mobile solution offers drag-and-drop development and RESTful services that make mobility a reality.

So, if you missed MVU2015 like me, I hope this round up here helps.  

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