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Is silence golden ?

Published almost 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

MPower1 seemed to have been very quiet since the sale of jBASE.  Some say "Silence is Golden".  I spoke with Simon Theobald, Director of MPower1 and BlueFinity to find out if their  "Silence is Golden" or if it is "The Silence of the Dead".

ELKIE:   Since Mpower1 International sold jBASE to Zumasys you have been very quiet, does this mean you have pulled back from the MultiValue market ?

SIMON: Actually, anything but that.  About 12 months ago we started a program of significant new investment into our BlueFinity product set and Multivalue services companies, both currently focused exclusively on the Multivalue market.  This investment continued and, in fact, increased following the sale of jBASE. Through our BlueFinity and BAS companies, Mpower1 remains fully committed to the MultiValue market in general.

ELKIE:  So why have you been so quiet ?

SIMON: When you make investments into products on the scale that we have, it takes a while for those products and new releases to be ready for full availability.  We took the position that the market was fed up with hearing announcements of forthcoming products followed by the seemingly endless cycle of “just wait a little longer, almost here, get ready etc. We wanted to inform the market when we had something that was really relevant to the market, and the products were available for immediate or imminent release.

ELKIE:  I thought maybe everyone had left BlueFinity?

SIMON: Absolutely not.  All of the main positions at BlueFinity have remained the same, David Cooper is still the Chief Developer, Pete Loveless is still the Operational Director, and our sales and support people have remained the same. Actually we have also added a number of key consultants, that have very specific specializations, to work on key products.

ELKIE: If you are a MultiValue supplier why did you sell jBASE?

SIMON: Although jBASE is a successful and widely used product suite, that we are very happy to continue to have a cooperative relationship with, it did not always help us with the expansion programme within BueFinity. You see, BlueFinity multivalue products are designed to work alongside any of the multivalue databases.

Whereas being the owner of both jBASE and BlueFinity sat well with jBASE clients, it did not with the suppliers and users of other multivalue databases. In fact it has held us back when representing ourselves as a truly cross database supplier of multivalue products, sometimes preventing us from working more closely with suppliers of other multivalue databases that may have considered us to be competitors before.  

ELKIE:  What have you been doing for the past year then?

SIMON: In a nutshell, we have been investing in our Multivalue businesses, working on the products and supporting and expanding the client base.  There has just been very little marketing activity during that time. There are now new products coming to market, such as Evoke, new releases of our highly acclaimed mv.NET and mv.SSIS products and an enhanced services division of the company. We felt it was better to get our heads down and deliver these rather than keep talking about when they might be ready in the future.

ELKIE: What can we expect from you?

SIMON:  We will be announcing the availability of the release 4.4 of mv.Net and release 4.4 of mv.SSIS within the next few days.  There will be soon be further announcements regarding Evoke, which is currently completing its acceptance by its early adopter customers, and also further information about the enhancements to our services offerings.

ELKIE: So you are not going to keep quiet for the next 9 months?

SIMON:  I am afraid not Elkie, we are now at the stage of telling people about the results of our investments and there is quite a lot to tell.

ELKIE:  So what can we look forward to ?

SIMON:   Lots of really good and exciting things but we're not quite ready to "Go Public" yet.  So I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit.  What I can tell you though is that it won't be too long.

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