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How to get promoted

Published about 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image credit -Flickr]


Would you like to receive a promotion on your job? Well getting a promotion is not guaranteed. However, there are certainly some things that you can do to separate yourself from the competition and increase the likelihood that you will in fact receive the promotion you are looking for. 

The following are some guidelines and tips to help you to get that next promotion. 

Tip #1 - Make sure you master the basics. You know, come in to work on time, don't leave until it's time for you to leave, come back from your break and lunch on time, etc. No one is going to consider you for additional responsibility and additional pay if you can't even master your current responsibilities and do these basic things to perform satisfactory in your current job. 

Tip #2 - Look for opportunities to go beyond your job description! Sticking to your standard job description and not being willing to do extra is a surefire way to make sure you stay in your current job. If you want to get promoted, you need to look for opportunities to do more than what you are currently hired to do. For example, do you see additional tasks that need to be done, but no one is doing it? Ask your boss if it would be ok for you to do the task. 

Tip #3 - Talk to people who currently have the job you want and find out what they would recommend for you to do to get that job. There is no one better to tell you how to get promoted to the job you want than a person who has already reached the level you are looking to get to. Ask them how they got the job, what experience and positions they held prior to, etc. 

Tip #4 - Find out how "hard and fast" your company looks at educational requirements and meet the minimum educational requirements if necessary. Each company is different in terms of how they view educational requirements. Some companies won't even consider your application if you don't meet the minimum education requirements. Other companies will factor in relevant experience if the educational requirements aren't met. Find out which approach your company takes and if you need to go back to school to get the necessary education, do it. 

Tip #5 - Apply for the position you want with another company. Sometimes your company simply doesn't appreciate what you have to offer. Other times, your company may simply not have enough positions available in order for you to fill the position you want. In any case, it may be necessary for you to go to another company to get the position you want. 

By following these five tips, this will help increase the likelihood of you receiving that next promotion.

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