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Into the Clouds - Part 4 - Expert Rocket

Published about 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

My Burning Question:

Ask the Expert - Why & How

Rocket Software Panel

Onwards in my journey, I knocked on the door of Rocket Software who honoured me with combined panel response from some of their experts - Vinnie Smith, Steve O'Neal, Michael Byrne, Jackie Burhans, Heather Smiles.

What is your definition of the cloud ?

For a comprehensive definition, see the NIST Definition of Cloud Computing.  From a Rocket MultiValue database perspective, we see it as a way for our partners to extend their offerings by making more competitive and cost-effective solutions for their existing and new customers.  By lowering the solution acquisition cost, VARs lower the barrier to entry for new customers and removing IT costs and non-core business functions.

What are the benefits ?

  • Scalability
  • Lower upfront acquisition and on-going IT costs for end customers
  • Easier to sell to customers due to lower upfront costs
  • Easier to keep customers on current versions
  • Storage, scalability, backup, mobility (access anywhere, anytime)
  • Cloud provider takes on responsibility of hardware refresh

What are the drawbacks ?

  • Security concerns for confidential data
  • Integration of multiple cloud offerings
  • Authentication management on multiple systems.
  • Coordination of hardware/OS version with application certification

Are there any times the cloud isn’t the right solution ?

If an end customer has recently acquired hardware and has already incurred the fix cost and have skilled IT staff, it would be expensive to move to the public cloud.  You might be better off setting up a private cloud.

Do you think the future is in the Cloud ?

Yes, but not exclusively. Cloud offerings will grow, evolve and mature, but there will always be a place for on premise offerings. Cloud will be the dominant force in the future.

What are your Cloud offerings ? (UK and USA and worldwide)

All of our MV databases are being used in the cloud to some extent. Our high level of availability and flexible data modeling are ideal for a Cloud environment. Applications can be modified with additional fields and files without requiring database reorganization.

We offer licensing models that support SaaS in a subscription model. We've recently extended our licensing model to support account based licensing as a step towards multi-tenancy and continue to evolve our capability in this direction.

Rocket has additional offerings that work with MultiValue and are cloud-ready. For example, R/Link offers secure enterprise file sharing that resides on your private cloud. See the following success story for Rocket MV and R/Link:

How can you get there ?

Careful vendor selection is required to ensure your cloud offering has adequate security, access, and uptime. For VARs you may find that it takes an effort to migrate existing customers from an on premise solution to the cloud depending on their staffing, hardware acquisition cycle, and general level of comfort. Newer end customers may be more comfortable with cloud offerings. There are a number of vendors that offer cloud hosting including some that have MultiValue-specific knowledge.

Come to MultiValue University to learn more about the cloud, network with other customers who are in various stages of cloud adoption and listen to vendors with cloud offerings.

Rocket has and is investing in cloud expertise (

Additional Information and Sources

From the Web:

Cloud is one of Rocket's key investment area.  We are looking at cloud in three major pillars:

  • We are developing a new set of tools to help customers manage cloud applications.
  • And we are making important IT services, such as backup and archive and file transfer and search, available to deploy in the cloud.
  • Lastly, we will soon be launching the Rocket Cloud – code named RocketOn – where customers and partners can engage with us to learn about our products/solutions/services, try them out, buy them, and engage as a community.

Useful links:

My thanks to all at Rocket for their time and the great article links.

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