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Interview Tips for First Time Jobseekers

Published over 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image credit -Flickr]


The first time job seeker might dread the thought of their first encounter with an interviewer. Just remember that others go through the same process every day. There is a way to become confident before you start an interview and a right way to ensure a successful outcome. 

You must remember that the world of business is a people oriented job no matter what the job is. By attending multiple interviews you are gaining contacts in your field, and presenting yourself as a possible co-worker. When you are starting interviews be prepared to meet and greet people from many companies. All of these new faces can help your career down the road even if you aren't hired by them. You want to become familiar with all the players in your profession that you can. It always helps to have key players from other companies who know you and trust you. 

Hopefully, you will find a match with a company that meets your needs and also wants your skills over other applicants. The process of matching yourself with the right company starts with an interview and the submission of a resume. A cover letter and several recommendations are usually required also. 

An interview with a company official should be approached with careful preparation. The outcome of the interview is the most important factor in determining whether you will be hired or not. 

A job interview is your first contact with a prospective employer. You definitely want to be well dressed, prompt and as relaxed as possible for the interview itself. Remember first impressions will last throughout the relationship you have with your employer. 

When you arrive, the interviewer will have some specific things that need to be answered by you. You can help yourself get hired by simply following the cues of the interviewer. Be polite and answer all of the questions honestly. Let the interview flow as smoothly as possible by waiting for the interviewer to prompt you for your answers. Be professional in your responses and show a caring attitude along with a genuine desire for employment. Let the job interviewer run the interview. Try your best to come across clearly when answering the interviewer's questions. 

The interviewer will ask you for a resume. This document shows the interviewer your qualifications and educational background. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. You will have to give a copy to each prospective employer. 

Prepare a resume that includes your educational background, your prior work experience in the related fields to the job that you are applying for, and all required personal information. This would include your name and address, contact telephone number, and a message phone number also. Keep your resume brief. Most interviewers only read the highlights of the resume anyway. They will spend less than a minute reading it. 

Most employers are looking for team players. They want to hire someone who can be friendly and who will integrate well with the office workers that are already there. This is why your first impression at the interview is so important. If you establish a friendly rapport with the interviewer, they will pass this along to the person who makes the final decision on hiring. Every employer wants to hire someone who is highly qualified, has a strong desire to produce results and is friendly. 

Some tips to help you land the job you want: 

1. Never ask about how much the job pays. 

2. Do your research on the company. Talk to some employees before the interview. This will give you a feel for the work environment and job requirements. The more you know the better. 

3. Don't brag to the interviewer. You won't impress them. Besides the best way to make friends is to listen carefully and interact appropriately. The interview will be a successful one if you simply establish good rapport. 

4. Be respectful of the interviewer's time. Don't elaborate with unnecessary talk. 

5. Thank the interviewer upon leaving. Shake hands and give a warm smile. Give the impression to your interviewer that you like the company and let them know once again how much you are interested in the position. Then exit with grace and purpose. The result will be a win-win situation for all concerned. 

By presenting yourself as professional, you will enter the world of business with more allies and a brighter future in your chosen field. People are always happy to accommodate others who are helpful and committed to working for the common good. Be confident of your ability to land that good job that you want. It's really a matter of making the right connections and following through with honest hard work. Put your best foot forward and look ahead to a great career.

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