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An Audience with Rocket - Part 2 - Rocket SB/XA 6.3

Published over 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

ELKIE:  SB/XA 6.3 was released on Thursday 19th February.  Laura could you tell me something about this release?

LAURA PETTETT:  A new release of Rocket SystemBuilder with  Rocket® SB/XA 6.3.0, SB+ and SB Client 6.3.0 is nowavailable.

ELKIE:  What are the benefits of upgrading for those already running SB+ and SBClient?

LAURA PETTETT:  This release of SB+ and SB Client 6.3 is the next step in your evolution to SB/XA. It allows you to stay current with all of the latest fixes and enhancements that have been made to the product over the years but not previously released to the market in these versions. 

ELKIE: So, which fixes and enhancements would those be?

LAURA PETTETT:  Specifically, we added the availability of SSH to SBClient and an integration to Aldon Lifecycle Management to SB+.  Over the years there have been several updates made to the code stream at the request of our customers that we are now making broadly available.  You can keep the same number of licenses with this upgrade, even though you are taking the next step to SB/XA.  There is no need to change the number of SB+ and SB Client licenses or “true-up” licences when you upgrade to SB+ 6.3.0 from SB+ 5.x. 

ELKIE:  And is it easy to upgrade?

JONATHAN SMITH:  Yes, this 6.3 version provides an easier path to migration with a straight forward upgrade than from previous versions. It is a piece of cake – no conversions are needed.

LAURA PETTETT:  Using the new migration wizard helps you move to the SB+ 6.3.0 platform and makes the transition easier for all involved.  The wizard, along with documentation, guides you through each of the steps to make sure your migration goes smoothly.

A considerable amount of time and consideration was taken to make it easier for the customers. 

ELKIE:  What about SSH (Secure Shell)?

LAURA PETTETT:  This was in response to direct requests from users.  SSH is considered to be more secure and to perform better than SSL.  It’s included in SB Client 6.3.0 and works in conjunction with SB+ 6.3.0 and you can now use this common interface to connect to a server.

VINNIE SMITH:  SSH runs on most modern servers and it’s more secure than SSL on UNIX.  This opens up the use for SB/XA for finance sectors, healthcare and those who are security conscious. Also, in financial banking, SSH is more standard.

ELKIE:  Does SB+ or SB/XA integrate into any other Rocket products?

LAURA PETTETT:  Yes, it actually integrates very nicely with the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager.  This is a great way to manage a development lifecycle spanning multiple releases.

ELKIE:  Can you tell me a bit more about the Aldon Lifecycle Manager?

VINNIE SMITH:  Sure, I would love to. Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager is one of the leading LM software and one of the few which is MultiValue aware!  It’s a complete lifecycle system – a central hub for looking after version and software roll out.  Aldon LM is a complete change and release management solution for software development for Rocket U2 and/or multi-platform environments.  Aldon LM simplifies audit compliance, facilitates task and backlog management, enforces quality standards, and secures and manages access to software assets.  Aldon has built in Rocket U2 support for Rocket UniData and UniVerse, including Programs, Data Dictionary items, Schema Changes, TCL, Rocket wIntegrate, AE, and ED and NOW also supports SB/XA (and SB+) with U2 Objects.  With SB, declare the project and attach to it.  The UNIQUE thing is to be able to do a compare!!!   You can ask for list of changes and differences and roll up into deployment while employing MultiValue objects.

ELKIE:  What does the release of SB/XA 6.3 mean to those already running a previous version of SB/XA ?

LAURA PETTETT:  If you are already running SB/XA, consider upgrading to SB/XA 6.3.0.  By doing so, you will also be able to take advantage of the integration to Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager as well as enhancements to the grid functionality (like sorting, filtering and grouping in your grids!). 

VINNIE SMITH:   For Administrators they’ll appreciate the new comprehensive logging capabilities, making it easier to administer and support your applications.  Session logs can be captured, collected and sent to a server for you to see details.

ELKIE:  Can you tell me anything about Services ?

LAURA PETTETT: You can now leverage all of your SB/XA processes, files and fields for the business logic behind mobile and web applications.  Using a RESTful Server and exposing through JSON, all the heavy lifting is done by SB/XA for you to create mobile applications based on your SB/XA application.  Rocket Mobile Application Builder or another tool to create your mobile UI is all that is needed.

So in conclusion SB+, SBClient and SB/XA are all working together.  Using GUI or XUI, you can be confident that you are using the right technology to deliver the best-in-class solution to your customers.

ELKIE:  So what’s next ?

LAURA PETTETT: We are continuing to bring the voice of the customer to our development process.  There will be a series of focus groups and customer advisory boards to help drive our next release, which is planned to provide improved performance and reliability to our users.   

ELKIE: What if I am not on a maintenance contract with SB/XA, SB+ or SB Client and I want to upgrade?

LAURA PETTETT: Well, you’ll want to get back on maintenance so that you can receive the upgrade or product updates and take advantage of all the fixes and new features – including the Aldon integration. Contact your standard channel Rocket Software provider, today.

ELKIE:  Thank you for your time and it’s hear about this – I especially like the part that SB+, SBClient and SB/XA are now all working together.

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