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Job seeker strategy

Published over 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image credit -Flickr]

Finding a Job can be difficult at the best of times but there is a tried and proven method to make your life easier in finding a job that suits you!

Create an Action Plan

Like anything you do, you will need to create an action plan for your job search. First decide what type of position or positions you will be targeting.  Find out where these jobs are advertised, specialist job boards, magazines, web sites etc.

Brush up on your skills/Re-train

Technology is changing all the time and it doesn’t take long to be out of the job market for your skills to become outdated.  Look at ways that you can re-train, either by up-dating your existing skills or learning new skills. 

Plan your day and have a proper follow-up procedure/diary system in place

It is essential that you have a diary system in place that is used exclusively used for your job searching.  It is also recommended that you set up a separate e-mail address so that you are not distracted by other non job search related e-mails.

Don’t get distracted

Make looking for a job your full-time job!

Research, research and research!

There’s no such thing as being over prepared.  Make sure that you arm yourself with as much information as possible when attending interviews. This includes finding out about the company you applying for and information on the person who is interviewing you too.

If you get a rejection, try not to let it put you off track

Be prepared for rejection – it will happen.  However, don’t let it put you off track.  Stay focused.

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