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Let's Kickstart MultiValue

Published almost 7 years ago by Elkie Holland

Today marks the day that MultiValue can be Kickstarted.  The latest greatest innovation in the MultiValue world opens for funding on Kickstarter.


MultiValue is the technology behind Mad Genius Controllers game profiling interface. The development team has broken the tradition of using a desktop relational database for their application and decided to use the MultiValue platform as their database of choice, both for their large cloud based community offering, and for the local PC offering of the profiling tool.


So what's so great about this Game Controller ?

The Mad Genius Controller enables gamers to play any game with high-precision motion on any console or PC. The one controller can be used on all consoles with the included console adapters. It splits apart allowing a player to use both hands to control the game, while maintaining the use of traditional buttons and sticks. The game profile designer software makes it possible to add motion and pixel level aiming to ANY game. Traditionally motion gaming has been reserved for dedicated motion platforms, and for games specifically written to support it, but Mad Genius Controllers have broken that tradition, allowing you to use their product out of the box with any game you already own, on any console, and this is possible thanks to their unique profiling software.


What's the future of the technology ?

This technology although developed for the gaming world, is patented and the developers are planning to take it into other commercial uses. Any application that needs to track an object to within 1/100th of a inch in 3D space could leverage this technology. Home automation, Healthcare, Toys, Entertainment, Robotics, and Virtual Reality are all areas that the developers are able to target. The company are offering a Technical Development Kit on their Kickstarter that will allow hobbyists and tech minded folk to experiment with the hardware and the precision of the tracking. The Dev Kit ships with a greatly enhanced version of their MultiValue based profiling tool, allowing an end user to define a source controller, and a target device, and map the two together, without the need for complicated programming, SDKs and APIs.

How far has this project got ?

The team have proven this technology works. Unlike many Kickstarter projects that advertise a Proof-of-Concept and seek funding to build it, the team at Mad Genius Controllers have completed all the ground work. The Kickstarter funding will enable the mass production of this product. It’s a brand new technology never before brought to market. The team need to shrink their hardware into a marketable chipset, and complete tooling and moldings for the controller and accessories. Software needs to be completed, and the infrastructure put in place to handle assembly, quality control, warehousing and distribution. Multivalue plays a big role in all those industries too!


So,  here's the link if you wish to monitor or help Kickstart this innovative MultiValue project - Click Here  

Let's Kickstart MultiValue !


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