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The True You

Published over 7 years ago by Elkie Holland

Discover the "True You" and confirm your work colleagues or clients' personality and how to work with them better by doing this FREE online quick 10 question personality profiler.

Are you a "go-getter', 'visionary', 'negotiator' or a 'thinker'.

Discover which of your colleagues is a "go-getter, "visionary", "negotiator" or "thinker" and discover best ways to communicate and work more effectively with them by reading the suggestions at the end.

The Hiscox Personality Calculator has been developed by small business insurer Hiscox with psychologist Donna Dawson who is a recognised specialist in personality behaviour and relationships.

Click on the picture below or here to take the 10-question Personality Calculator.

Our two senior Recruiters took the test and one is a "Go Getter" and the other a "Negotiator".  Both Recruiters both enjoy great success as Recruiters :)  It just goes to show:  "It definitely takes all sorts to do the same job."  

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