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Rocket D3 - Interview with John Bramley

Published over 7 years ago by Elkie Holland

Picture credit: Rocket D3

In a recent LinkedIn Post, John Bramley said:  “I'm pleased to announce that TigerLogic's MultiValue product offerings, including D3, mvBase, mvEnterprise and associated connectivity tools have been acquired by Rocket Software. With Rocket's commitment to the MultiValue technology, TigerLogic has found the perfect home for the MultiValue business. The TigerLogic MultiValue team that knows and loves these products has become part of the Rocket family. This is an exciting time and we all are pleased to be involved with the future of Rocket D3!”

Today I was lucky enough to have an hour meeting scheduled with John Bramley whilst he was in the Denver office following the recent acquisition of TigerLogic’s MultiValue products by Rocket.


ELKIE:  What was your title at TigerLogic and what’s your title now ?

JOHN:  With TigerLogic I held the title of Vice President of Product Development and Operations and with Rocket my new title is Lab Business Area Executive for Rocket D3.

ELKIE:  Why did TigerLogic decide to sell the MultiValue part of  its business ?

JOHN: When Rick Koe took over as CEO of TigerLogic a few years back, there had not been a major release of our MultiValue products in a number of years.  Under Rick’s guidance TigerLogic committed to provide the MultiValue customers new product offerings that would help to grow their businesses and made this a priority for the company.  Over the last 3-4 years the MultiValue products have been reinvigorated. The MultiValue team did a tremendous job of taking the MultiValue platforms forward and positioning the technology for growth.  Both D3 9.0 and mvBase 3.0 were released in 2010, with follow on releases based on the enhanced feature set provided in these new versions.  During this time TigerLogic also developed their Postano, Storycode, and Omnis products and services to address the growing Social Media and Mobile markets.  TigerLogic made the decision to focus on the Social Media and Mobile markets and selling the MultiValue part of the business would provide the capital to accelerate the development, marketing and sales of the Postano, Storycode and Omnis platforms.  

It was very important to TigerLogic to find the right buyer for the MultiValue business, especially one that was committed to continue investing in the technology and serving the loyal customer base. TigerLogic saw Rocket as a natural fit based on their intimate knowledge of the MultiValue technology and community from their earlier acquisition of U2.

ELKIE: Were you for or against the decision?

JOHN:  I was 100% behind it.  I see it as a “win–win–win” for TigerLogic, Rocket and the MultiValue community.  A win for TigerLogic as the cash from the sale will help to accelerate the development and sales of their Postano and Omnis productsA win for Rocket as the purchase of TigerLogic’s MultiValue technology fits well with Rocket’s mission statement to grow through acquisitions with knowledge base within the purchased asset and an increase in market share to approximately 80% of the MultiValue market.  A win for the MultiValue community as Rocket has a commitment to invest and grow the MultiValue market and has a great opportunity to build on their MultiValue product offerings with both Rocket U2 and Rocket D3.


ELKIE: Why do you think Rocket wanted a “competing” product ? 

JOHN:  The technology is a natural fit for Rocket and provides the company with an increased customer base to partner with. Bringing these MultiValue technologies together within Rocket and having the Rocket U2 & Rocket D3 teams working together will enhance the overall product set that can be provided to the MultiValue community.

ELKIE:  In a press release it says “D3, mvBase and mvEnterprise and associated technologies” were acquired.  What are the associated technologies ?

JOHN:  FlashConnect, OpenDB, ODBC Server, Oracle Gateway, D3 MQSeries, MVSP and the MVS toolkit.


ELKIE: I’m a little confused, Rocket seems to have a section Rocket D3 and be geared up for that section but there is not Rocket mvBase or mvEnterprise. Why is that ?

JOHN:  Rocket D3 is the product family name, which includes D3, mvBase and mvEnterprise.  Similarly Rocket U2 is the product family name for UniVerse and UniData.


ELKIE:  What do you see as the major advantages to the D3, mvBase and mvEnterprise community with the purchase by Rocket?

JOHN:  There are many advantages but the top 3 I’d list as:

  1. Continued investment in MultiValue technology, with additional investment in sales and marketing of Rocket D3.
  2. Shared access to the Rocket U2 & Rocket D3 technologies. 
  3. Availability of new products that come out of being part of the Rocket family and a worldwide technical organisation.


ELKIE:  Can you see any advantages to the U2 community ?

JOHN:  Strength with Rocket increasing its MultiValue market share.  The Rocket U2 & Rocket D3 user communities working together, sharing technology and success.


ELKIE:  How is this / will this affect your career ?

JOHN:  This was a natural step for me.  I have a long history in MultiValue and with the commitment from Rocket to D3 and U2 I felt I would have a great opportunity to help to drive MultiValue forward.  This is a very exciting time and I’m glad to be a part of the Rocket family.


ELKIE:  It’s nearly 2 weeks since the deal was closed (15 November 2013).  Have you noticed any changes so far ?

JOHN:   It has been a very busy and exciting 2 weeks.  I’m pleased to say that with the coordinated effort between Rocket and TigerLogic, the entire infrastructure required to support the Rocket D3 team was live on the day that Rocket announced the closure of the deal.

All the employees hired from TigerLogic have been made to feel at home within Rocket.  The team is staying in Irvine so there has been no disruption to the employees or their families. The team is delighted and impressed by the multiple ways for cross communication of their thoughts and ideas within Rocket.  The team is very excited at the opportunity in front of them.


ELKIE:  Looking forward, what are the short term plans for D3 etc and its community ?

JOHN:  We came to Rocket with an existing product roadmap and the near term products are on track to be completed as planned, with D3 Windows 9.2, D3 Linux 9.2 and FlashConnect 3.9 currently being finalized for production release.


ELKIE:  What about longer term vision ?

JOHN:  The Rocket D3 & Rocket U2 teams are already working together to figure out next stage for the MultiValue products going forward within Rocket.


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