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Our Recruiters are Multi-Talented Sportspeople

Published almost 8 years ago by Elkie Holland

When it comes to recruiters, you will find that they can be commonly split into two groups, fishermen or hunters. It is far more likely for a recruiter to be one or the other and can you recognise any recruiter you know which fits into the following categories?


These recruiters are the ones that will place some bait into the water and then sit back waiting for the fish to bite! In real-life terms, a fisherman recruiter is one that will place job vacancies online, in magazines or send emails and will then wait for people to respond. They will then sift their way through the responses.

You will find that some of these fishermen will have their own fishing farms set up, which in real-life terms means that they will have a database of potential candidates who they will communicate with directly when they post new jobs.


A hunter is a more proactive recruiter and they will set their sights on anyone as long as it can benefit them. This style of recruiter will seek out potential job candidates in a variety of different ways, contacts, job boards, CV databases, social media sites and then “stalk them”, which basically means opening up dialogue with them. Once the hunter feels as though their prey is in position, they will lay the bait, in this case, promote the salary or other benefits of the position and then they will attempt to snare their prey.

Once the target has been caught, the hunter will present them for the job and move on to their next target!

Prospectus Sportspeople

At Prospectus IT Recruitment you will find that we have a host of multi-talented sportspeople, which means that our recruiters are both fishermen and hunters.  This ensures that you will receive the best results and service in this field. 

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