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Caffeine and Bubbles

Published over 8 years ago by Elkie Holland
Image from Flickr 

With caffeine (US side) and bubbles (European side), it was my pleasure to enjoy a drink and catch up with Susie Siegesmund (VP & General Manager), Jackie Burhans (Director, U2 Partner Enablement) and Heather Smiles (Markeing Manager) from Rocket U2. There was plenty to chat about with the launch of the new Rocket U2 website as well as the introduction of CorVu NG v2.2.3 and SB/XA v62. 

Rocket U2 Website  (
Each Rocket brand was given their own voice and freedom to do their own messaging within their microsites. Rocket U2 is the largest of Rocket’s software brand sites, having the most content of any Rocket product. {{image_63_left}} The main aim of the new design was to ensure it had a modern look and felt fresh, putting more emphasis on the user experience. Rocket U2 information needed to be more readily accessible and available with fewer clicks. The new site has achieved its objectives with some wonderful new graphics and better intuitive organisation of their material. You can get to the right information about the products faster and they are in an easily digestible form. 

The Rocket U2 microsite sections include:
  • Products -  is where you can find basic information on all U2 products. 
  • Solutions - is split into 3 sections: Partner Solutions by industry, and by business needs, and Rocket technology solutions. 
  • Services - has information on Profiessional Services offerings and a revamped training site.
  • Support - includes the Product Availability Matrix (PAM), product authorization links and technical documentation. 
  • Resources -  is where you'll find datasheets, whitepapers, case studies and on-demand webinars. The U2 DevZone and downloads are in this section. 
  • How to Buy
  • About Us -  has links to events and the newsletter, as well as the latest press release. Although the site was only launched this week, feedback received has been very positive, especially citing the easily accessibility of the content. Someone stated that the new site was great as you could “get there quickly and it’s visually pleasing without being overwhelming”. 

CorVu NG v2.2.3 is Rocket Software’s latest exciting offering into the U2 market space. CorVu NG provides Business intelligence tools that incorporate dynamic and intuitive dashboards and reports. CorVu NG is an enhanced replacement for U2 DataVu, which has been merged into the CorVu NG product at this release. This now also opens up the entire suite of CorVu Performance Management modules (CorStrategy, CorPlanning, CorRisk and CorProject) to U2 customers. CorVu NG v2.2.3 brings some great new functionality to U2 including:

  • Text analytics -extract relevant information from unstructured text 
  • Visualise your data in geographical context 
  • Constantly refreshed data 
  • The ability to control user access to data. 
  • Mashable, embeddable content 
  • Self-service reporting  - The ability to tailor the look and feel of reports. 
  • A new mobile device application – on both Android and iOS tablets 

For a full Rocket CorVu NG Datasheet [click here.] {{image_62_full}}

This is clearly Rocket cross-selling technology and bringing greater functionality into the U2 arena. There is no massive leap in pricing but with U2 DataVu datasources were limited to U2, whereas with CorVu NG you can use any database to create data mashups, as there are no restrictions. 

(A fast development toolset giving beautiful and intuitive interfaces). {{image_64_right}} SB/XA stands for System Builder Extensible Architecture. It helps you build robust systems so that you can focus on modelling the business logic. This latest release of SB/XA is pretty special as it now has the SB/XA Designer (a graphical designer) and fully integrates with CorVu NG. This means that you get some additional default styles, which allow you to enhance user experience quickly with beautiful intuitive interfaces and insert Business Intelligence reports and dashboards on the screen. 

The MSOutlook style navigation gives good modern, flexible and configurable navigation. Many of the new features are in response to requests from the U2 market. Formal materials for SB/XA v6.2 are now available on the new improved and easily navigable Rocket U2 website. {{image_68_full}} 

It was wonderful to catch up with Susie Siegesmund, Jackie Burhans and Heather Smiles and the latest news from Rocket U2. Think we all did more talking than drinking though.
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