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Candidates - Top 10 Website Features

Published over 8 years ago by Elkie Holland
Image from Flickr.

After much research and listening to candidates recently and over the years along with the debates at #TruLondon Unconferences  run by Bill Boorman on the candidate experience and mobile, as well as the first traditional Social Media in Recruitment Conference and Mobile Conferences run by Mike Taylor we have redesigned our website with the most sought after features. Most importantly, we’ve put "you- the candidate" more in control. This means that you can now choose how and where and what sort of information you from our site. 

Summarised below are the Top 10 features, so grab a coffee and spend a few minutes to read and learn how to get the maximum benefit from our site.

Top 10 Features

  1. Responsive layout - Any way you want it ! By this, we mean that our site can be consumed on any platform - mobile, tablet or PC. No more missing text or pinching and squeezing when viewing on your mobile, you can now get the most relevant information to the way you're visiting. No longer do you need to be tied to your PC or laptop. Log on wherever you are. 
  2. Log In with LinkedIn -  You don't need to remember passwords, log in using LinkedIn. Keep your searches and results private and saved from the last time you were on our site. It’s fast, quick and simple to keep up-to-date meaning you never miss a thing.
  3. Limited job lifespan -  Fed up with applying for old and filled roles which Consultants have forgotten about on a website ? To ensure this doesn't happen on our site, all jobs posted on our website only have a limited life span. We do this to keep them current and so our Consultants have to make the effort to check that they are still live and post back up to the site. This means that all the jobs you see are currently active and not old. NOTE: Please remember however that not all our jobs are posted on the site as some clients prefer us not to advertise their positions. So if you don’t see anything that is specific to your skill set please contact us and we’ll be happy to check those ‘hidden’ vacancies ! 
  4. Jobs with maps -  All of our posted jobs have an image representation of their geographical location so you can decide if the role is in the right area for you.
  5. Jobs by email - Create your own specialist email alert for new jobs being put on our system. You decide what jobs you want to see and how often you want these sent to you. 
  6. Career Tools - This includes plenty of information including CV writing advice, interview preparation and other tools and advice to help in your job search.
  7. Social Media - Go to Career Tools and you'll find a whole section on Social Media for jobseekers. You will find plenty of advice on what and how to use Social Media to help with your job searching. There are also tips and hints on the "Do’s and Don'ts" and Social Media etiquette.
  8. Personalised RSS Feeds - Create your own search and enjoy a highly personalised RSS feed. There is no limit so you can create as many as you like. Even dictate how often you would like to receive it and where. 
  9. Blog - Our blog is active and includes a mix of career advice, industry news, event reports, and topic exploration. RSS feed available on the blog too. 
  10. Social Column - Running out of time to keep up with everything ? We bring a mix of what's happening in the social channels to you on our site. You can find up-to-date interactions taken from blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our Social Column. 

And one for luck
11. Niche and beyond Prospectus still specialise in our niche area of MultiValue. 

However, our clients also look for additional external resource in other technologies so we are also helping them to find good candidates to enhance their existing talent pool. So we have tried to maintain a good niche site but with the flexibility to be of use in the wider IT market. 

Feedback and Suggestions 
The world is constantly changing and websites should be too. So please, if you have any suggestions or comments on our website, we value your feedback. 

Feedback and suggestions by email to: Elkie Holland (
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