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"Unconference" is not code for "skiving" !

Published about 9 years ago by Elkie Holland

When I mention to people that I’m going to an ‘Unconference’ most people ask me what it is and some even accuse me of skiving or slacking (depending on their country of origin) ! Trust me, it’s certainly not skiving. In fact an Unconference is as far removed from skiving as possible.

I’m sure most of you reading this will have attended many conferences in your time. You know the form: Turn up in your best suit, pick up your name badge, wander self-consciously into a massive room and shuffle up nervously to the coffee table trying hard not to let the person next to you see you squinting to get a look at their name badge. (Are they worth talking to? Are they going to be a good contact for my business? Are they going to bore me to death in the first 30 seconds of talking to them?) Then follows a full day, (or if your unlucky enough 2 days) of being ‘talked at’ by industry experts who have produced the dullest of PowerPoint presentations with hardly any opportunity to ask questions or make some connection with. 

Well, imagine the complete opposite. No name badges, no PowerPoint presentations, no formal agenda and lots of opportunity to participate in interesting sessions, network with like-minded people and actually connect with industry experts. 

Sounds like a dream ? Well, welcome to an ‘Unconference’. 

 So, for all those who have thought I’ve been "skiving" over the last few years when I’ve been at an Unconference, enjoy this little video to help explain in more detail exactly what an Unconference is. Yes, it’s fun but it’s certainly not a day off in the sunshine sipping cocktails.

PS: Don't take me as a Conference-hater but an Unconference can be a refreshing change ! PPS: Social Media lends itself beautifully to the Unconference format. Check out the #TruEvents run by Bill Boorman.
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