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Philip Hayes  LinkedIn Profile

“When we needed a Unidata contractor at short notice (within 2 weeks) I didn't know who to speak to. After posting a message on LinkedIn Elkie contacted me and said she could help. After 2 hours she had three CVs for people who were ready for a telephone interview. We ended up hiring one of the contractors and were delighted with the service he provided. Elkie herself was always a pleasure to work with. She's not pushy, she just quietly gets on with finding the right person for the job. She demonstrated some creative problem solving techniques throughout the process to ensure that the resulting arrangement worked for both the contractor and us. I highly recommend Elkie and the service she provides and look forward to calling on her again in the future.” 

Jonathan Sisk  LinkedIn Profile

“Elkie is one of the hardest-working people in the Pick space. A tireless bundle of enthusiasm and good-humour, Elkie personifies the small-business entrepreneurial spirit endemic to the community. She's extremely generous with her talent and energy, deservedly earning the respect of her colleagues with her integrity and work ethic.” 

Gulraj Rijhwani   LinkedIn Profile

“I have known Elkie, and Prospectus, for longer than I care to remember. She is one of those rarest of rare breeds - a recruiting/contract agent who actually cares more about the well-being of the candidates she supplies than she does about the bottom line, and who will take a stand on welfare rather than caving in for the commission. Some may consider it foolhardy, but I prefer to look upon it as a sign of her concrete integrity - I have known her to tell a would-be employer to take a hike over matters of principle. Having dealt with Elkie from both sides of the fence - as both employer and contractor or permanent candidate, I know first-hand how thoroughly diligent she is in and matching the right people with the right vacancies. She knows her field intimately. As is the nature of the job, she will enquire subtly after information, but unlike some she will not press in the face of reticence. A better recruiter you could not find. I only regret that my current career has taken me out of her agency fold. I do not hesitate to recommend her without reservation.” 

Mike Ruane LinkedIn Profile

“Elkie has the personality, knowledge, and communication skills that make her a real powerhouse in the IT Recruitment world. Her connections and knowledge of the needs of her clients benefit all concerned. I highly recommend Elkie.” 

Rob England  LinkedIn Profile

“I've used Elkie to recruit Pick / ARev / OI people for over 20 years, which in itself should be recommendation enough. In my view, she is the only person to go to when recruiting people with these specialist development skills. She looks after both the employer and the employee, and is honest enough to say 'no' when she thinks a seemingly good candidate won't fit into the organisation. If you're not sure, she'll go out of her way to find an acceptable way forward for both parties. If you're looking for people with Pick, Revelation or Open Insight development skills, she's it - don't bother with anyone else!” 

Stuart Shepherd   LinkedIn Profile

Managing Director,l APT Solutions:  “The thing about Elkie is that you can trust her and that is a big thing to say about a recruitment consultant. She makes every effort to get results and people we have seen through her (and employed) all say that she was one of the few people that actually got in touch with them personally and helped them in their career progression. Use her !”